Come O Holy Ghost, help me to know all my sins, to be heartily sorry for them, to resolve firmly to commit them no more, to confess them properly, and to accept the penance the priest gives me. Amen. 

Sweet Mother Mary, pray for me that I may make a good confession. 

My dear Guardian Angel, help me!

Examination of Conscience for Children

Examination of Conscience for Young Adults

Examination of Conscience for Single People

Examination of Conscience for Married Persons

Source for prayer: Wilwerding, A. J. (1927) Examination of conscience for boys and girls, The Queens Work, Saint Louis. Retrieved from (accessed on 22/3/2017)

Our Lady of Medjugorje

January 25, 2020 Message to Marija

Dear children! Today I am calling you to pray even more, until you feel the holiness of forgiveness in your heart. There must be holiness in the families, little children, because there is no future for the world without love and holiness – because in holiness and joy, you give yourselves to God the Creator who loves you with immeasurable love. This is why He sends me to you. Thank you for having responded to my call.