Thursday, 15 December 2016

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Saint Maria Crocifissa di Rosa

The 15th of December is the feast day of Saint Maria Crocifissa di Rosa The following is from Wikipedia:
Maria Crocifissa Di Rosa (1813–55) was the founder of the Handmaids of Charity (also called the Servants of Charity) in Brescia, Italy, in 1839.[1] She was canonized by Pope Pius XII.
She was born as Paolina Francesca di Rosa , into a wealthy family, in the city of Brescia, Italy on November 6, 1813.[1] First educated in a convent by the Visitation Sisters, she left school after the death of her mother and by age seventeen she was running her father's household and caring for the girls in her father's mill and estate.[2]
During the cholera epidemic of 1836 she worked in the hospital in Brescia and became well known as she directed a home for girls and began another residence for deaf and mute young ladies.[2] In 1840, at age thirty, she became superior of a community that evolved into her congregation, taking the name, Maria Crocifissa di Rosa. The chief apostolate of the Handmaids of Charity, was the care of the poor, the sick and the suffering. The women of the Servants of Charity ministered to the wounded on the battlefields of northern Italy and in hospitals.[2]
Her spirituality was grounded in the imitation of Christ’s suffering on the Cross. This was the basis of her teaching and contemplation. In her love of the crucified Christ, she translated her dedication to him towards the suffering members of his Mystical Body.[3]
Papal approval was granted in 1850. Mary died at Brescia on December 15, 1855.[2] She was beatified and canonized by Pope Pius XII in 1954.[4]


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Our Lady of Medjugorje

June 02, 2018 Message to Mirjana

Dear children, I am calling you to accept my words which I am speaking to you as a mother, with a simplicity of heart, so that you may set out on the way of complete light and purity, of the singular love of my Son, man and God. A joy - a light indescribable in human words - will penetrate your soul and the peace and love of my Son will take hold of you. I desire this for all of my children. Therefore, you, apostles of my love, you who know how to love and forgive, you who do not judge, you whom I encourage, you be an example to all those who are not going on the way of light and love or who have diverted from it. By your life show them the truth. Show them love because love overcomes all difficulties, and all of my children thirst for love. Your unity in love is a gift to my Son and me. But, my children, remember that to love also means to desire the good for your neighbor and to desire conversion of your neighbor's soul. As I am looking at you gathered around me, my heart is sad, because I see so little brotherly love, merciful love. My children, the Eucharist - my Son alive among you - His words will help you comprehend, because His word is life, His word makes the soul breathe, His word brings about cognition of love. Dear children, anew, I am imploring you as a mother who desires the good for her children: love your shepherds, pray for them. Thank you.