Friday 24 February 2017

# Saints

Saint John Theristus

The 24th of February is the feast day of Saint John Theristus.

The following is from Wikipedia:

Saint John Theristus (1049–1129) was an Italian Byzantine monk, called Theristus or “Harvester”.[1]
He was of Calabrian lineage, born in Sicily. John's Calabrian mother had been captured by the Saracens and brought to Sicily. He contrived to escape to Calabria while still a child, and there he became a Greek monk.[2] He helped to miraculously harvest a large crop ahead of destructive weather, saving the locals from starvation, and gaining the title attributed to him.[3] There he remained until his death of natural causes, in 1129.
The monastery of San Giovanni Theristis is entitled to him. 


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