Monday 20 March 2017

# Saints

Saint Cathbert of Lindisfarne

Stained glass depicting St Cuthbert of Lindisfarne, from Gloucester Cathedral.
The 20th of March is the feast day of Saint Cathbert of Lindisfarne. He is the patron saint of Northumbria.

He lived between 634 till 687 AD and was born in Scotland, and near Melrose Abbey monastery worked as a shepherd. He was prophesized to become a bishop one day by a child playmate. He saw St Aidan, the Bishop of Lindisfarne being carried to heaven by angels in a vision while he was tending to his sheep. This vision gave him the inspiration to be a monk. He spent time as a soldier in Northumbria, defending his home region against attack. When he came back he arrived at the monastery seeking entrance. The monks received him and he grew in learning and holiness and eventually withdrew to become a hermit. He was later persuaded to return to become the Bishop of Lindisfarne. After serving for a year, he became sick and died. Many miracles were reported at his grave, so much so that Cuthbert was called the "Wonder-worker of England."