Wednesday 29 March 2017

# Saints

Saint Conon of Naso

The 28th of March was the feast day of Saint Conon of Naso.

He lived between 1139 to 1236 and was the son of a count from Naso, Italy and was a wealthy nobleman. At the age of 15 he became a monk and lived as a hermit and then served in a monastery as its abbot. When his parents died he distributed his inheritance to the poor. When he was on a pilgrimage in Jerusalem he had a vision of a priest being choked by a snake. Conon quickly warned the priest of his vision where the priest confessed he was hoarding riches and thus neglected the poor. The priest under Conon's direction gave his savings to the poor and made a recommitment to serve others. After Saint Conon died, the city of Naso was struck with storms that destroyed crops and stopped shipping trade. The famine became severe and Conon appeared in a vision to a captain who was transporting grain. He instructed the captain to change his course and deliver the grain to Naso. The captain obeyed and arrived in Naso and relieved it of its famine.