Monday 27 March 2017

# Saints

Saint Rupert of Salzburg

Saint Rupert depicted with a barrel of salt in his hand

The 27th of March is the feast day of Saint Rupert of Salzburg. He is the patron saint of Salzburg, The State of Salzburg, Austria, and salt miners.

He lived between 660-710 A.D. and was the Bishop of Worms, the first Bishop of Salzburg and the abbot of Saint Peter's in Salzburg. He is also known as Robert of Hrodbert. He was a member of the noble Frankish family and help spread the faith among the Germans. He took over a deserted town called Iuvavum in 697 with the patronage of Duke Thedo of Bavaria and the place was renamed Salzburg, Austria. Rupert founded a church, monastery and a school, brought in missionaries, and in Noonnberg established a nunnery where his sister, Eerentrudis served as abbess. Rupert is known as the Apostle of Bavaria and Austria. Rupert introduced education and promoted the development of the local saltworks in Piding and Reichenhall. Rupert died on Easter Sunday in 710. His remains were transferred to Salzburg Cathedral by 774.