Thursday 3 August 2017

# Saints

Saint Lydia of Thyatira

Baptism of Lydia
The 3rd of August is the feast day of Saint Lydia of Thyatira also known as “Purpuraria,” and “of Philippi." 

She was a wealthy and pious woman who traded in textiles in Philippi, Macedonia. They mainly sold purple dyes and fabrics which was a luxury item to the elite. Lydia was a worshipper of the true God and her and her family became a convert to Christianity when Saint Paul's came to Philippi in 50 A.D. Lydia served the Lord by her hospitality especially to Saint Paul and Saint Timothy who stayed at her home which also became a meeting place for the early Christians. When Paul and Silas was released from prison they came to Saint Lydia's home to encourage the Christians who gathered there.