Saturday 2 September 2017

# Saints

Saint Brocard

The 2nd of September is the feast day of Saint Brocard.

Saint Brocard was a Frenchman who lived in the 13th Century. He traveled to the Holy Land and entered the religious life. He was one of the first hermits to create a community of monks in Mount Carmel. After the death of Saint Berthold, he became prior of the community. To formalise the monks' way of life on Mount Carmel, he asked Saint Albert, the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, to write a rule of life for the community. He then created the Rule of Saint Albert and the Carmelites was established as a new relgious order. Saint Brocard was an expert on Islam and Eastern affairs, and he planned to accompany S Albert in the Fourth Lateran Council. However, Saint Albert was murderered before the Council convened. The Council suppressed new religious orders from being created, but the Carmelites were approved by the Holy See prior to this new decree. The community was led by St Brocard during this period of uncertainty, until they were eventually granted special approval from the Holy Father.