Sunday 7 October 2018

# Saints

Saint Justina of Padua

The 7th of October is the feast day of Saint Justina of Padua (Italian: Santa Giustina di Padova). She is the patron saint of Padua; and Palmanova.

Saint Justina of Padua died in 304 A.D. She dedicated her virginity to Christ and was baptised by Saint Prosdocimus, the first Bishop of Padua, Italy. The Roman Emperor Maximinian persecuted Christians during that time and she was arrested when she was 16 years old. She refused to offer sacrifices to the pagan gods, and was stabbed with a sword and left to die. A basilica was built overlooking where she was martyred which holds her relics as well as Saints Luke the Evangelist, Matthias the Apostle, Saint Prosdocimus and other patron saints of Padua.

Image: Saint Justina by Bartolomeo Montagna