Friday 15 November 2019

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(Video) How to make a rosary: step by step instructions

It's very easy to make a rosary. All you need are the basic tools, which are:
  • 59 beads (6mm or 8mm) 
  • Eye-pins (16mm for 6mm beads or 20mm for 8mm beads, I also found 18mm eye-pins are also useful for both type of beads.)
  • 1 crucifix (about 4-5.5cm in length)
  • 1 rosary centre
  • 3 jump rings (for the rosary centre, 5mm Open Jump Rings, or 6mm split rings) plus an extra jump/or split ring for the crucifix
  • Chain or pre-cut chain (about 4 chain links, 3x2mm)
  • 1 rosary pliers
A beginner may take up to 3 hours to make a rosary, but after a few goes, it will only take about 1 hour to make one rosary from my personal experience. If you are making it with Swarovski crystals, I suggest the 5000 type beads.

You can buy your supplies here:
1. Ark Supplies (For Australian customers)
2. Rosary Making (Shop located in UK)
3. Catholic Parts (Shop located in USA)
4. Etsy
5. Amazon 
6. eBay

Image by Antinea Griselda Garfias Pizana from Pixabay